Bid on a custom created mask by one of our talented local artists. Bidding starts at $50. To submit a bid prior to the event, email with the # and name of the mask and your bid.  The silent auction will close at 8 pm at the event.

Bid on a custom created mask by one of our talented local artists. Bidding starts at $50. To submit a bid prior to the event, email with the # and name of the mask and your bid.

The silent auction will close at 8 pm at the event.

Mardi Gras Krewe d'Alene
Silent Auction Mask Gallery

This gorgeous, multi-media mask gallery is created by our local artists. These masks will be on display in the silent auction at the 2018 Mardi Gras Krewe d'Alene on February 17 from 5:30 - 10 pm at the CDA Resort Plaza Shops.

This gallery will continue to grow as we get photos of completed masks.

The silent auction tables will close at 8 pm on event night.


#1 Indy Behrendt

Aggi Ichi Shibu 7" x 10"
copper with silver infusion, fine silver rivets and copper and sterling silver dangles, organza ribbon

A unique jeweler from the Silver Valley, Indy has branched out to mask making.






#2 Judy Minter

Crystal Frost 14" x 10.5"
paper, clay and maché

Judy Minter is a local artist, offering decorative faux finishes, murals, concrete overlays, and vibrant contemporary artwork for residential and commercial spaces. Canvases include acrylics and sculpted mixed media. Influenced by weathered metal and concrete, she uses layers of plasters, clays, pigments and mica powders to simulate natural surfaces.


#3 Kari Glessner

Natural Beauty
living succulents, moss, twigs and grass

Kari Glessner grew up on a farm North Central Montana where she discovered an enthusiasm for plants and soil. She soon found a great respect for plants and soils. In 2002 she purchased a small plot of land and “The Greenhouse” was born with Elegant Hanging Baskets, Unique Containers and Unusual Annual Plants.



#4 Kelly Burton

Bywater Bound 11" x 6" 
paper and ribbon

Kelly once had the privilege to call New Orleans home. "Mardi Gras, soft shell crab, French Quarter architecture, and drive-through daiquiri stands will always be part of my Louisiana experience." This mask combines the haunting acknowledgement of death and its communication to the living, a sensation that can be felt as you walk any broken sidewalk of New Orleans.

Laissez les bons temps rouler


#5 Lisa Koep

Aglaea and Hephaestus 24" x 30"
lunaria silvery white seed pods, iridescent leaves and berries, preserved or silk roses.
sheet metal, metallic paint, horse hair, wire, leather

Lisa Koep is a 3-dimensional, mixed media artist working on her BFA at Eastern Washington University. Her fascination with the human condition and the natural world is the driving force of her creations.

Aglaea; Greek Goddess of beauty, splendor, glory and adornment, also known as the “radiant shining one” and Hephaetus; Olympian God of fire, blacksmith, and craftsmen are depicted here in their finest hour of “carnival celebrations."


#6 Shelley Olson

Night Watcher 10" x 12"
stiffened metallic and glitter net fabric, polymer clay, porcelain clay, feathers, beads, wire

Shelley has primarily been a performing artist, but is returning to a long term affair with fabric art. She studied costume design at the University of Oregon, continuing her love for artistic fashion and accessories. The mask took on a life of its own as do many artistic endeavors, and transformed into the "Night Watcher".


# 7 Teresa McHugh

Abres de Sagesse 15" x 7" x 7"
(Wisdom Trees)
copper, patinas, metallic powders, handmade beads)

In pursuit of beauty, I study… with Mother Nature as my ultimate companion, teacher, inspiration and guide.


#8 Brandi Mayes

Eyes of the World 23" x 15"
Wood, glass, grout, wire, beads, paint

I enjoy many forms of creativity. Mosaic is one of that has captured my heart and imagination, and I have been blessed with lots of free glass. I believe that this is fate confirming my interest. Seeing as most of my materials have come to me for free, and that this is a hobby, I made a goal to produce mosaic pieces for auctions. As a way to keep myself creating and to challenge myself to try new things.

Mardi Gras has always intrigued me. As a very liberal soul who grew up in a very conservative place and culture, I think it represents a vibrant, boundary free expression of art, passion and celebration. To me, it feels as though Mardi Gras is a place for any and everyone to laugh, love  sing, dance… to celebrate the spirit of being alive.  


#9 Kim Huender

Butterfly Fantasy 10" x 7"
Stained glass, metal, beads

Currently Kim is the owner/artist at Frame It Custom Picture Framing & Gallery. In 1996-1999 she lived on a remote Pacific Island, Johnston Atoll and was the Arts and Crafts Specialist. She ran the Arts & Crafts department for two years before returning to Coeur d’Alene. On the island she enjoyed doing stained glass and that lead her to having Riverview Stained Glass and Crafts for 8 years. She has participated in numerous art shows and gallery shows. Currently she enjoys exploring mixed media pieces, that incorporate many of her talents and teaches various workshops at her gallery along with picture framing for the past 9 years.


#10 Marsha Gilbert

Mardi Gras Congo Style 3.75" x 9"
Acrylic on bisque-fired clay

Shield with Kifwebe mask, from a design used by the Songye/Luba people of the first Luba empire, now the democratic Republic of Congo, southeastern region. Shields of this design date back to the 16th Century AD.

Marsha is a Coeur d'Alene artist working mainly with oil-based paints, clay and hand-crafted glazes. When she works, the clay becomes the mover, claiming its shape in her hands, often leading her in a different direction than she originally intended. 

Marsha strives to interact on an emotional plane with those viewing her art. A precious moment for an artist is when the artwork brings a sensation, mood, emotion or memory. Passionate about her work, she finds it is an expression of the endless hunger that keeps her looking deeper, working harder, and exploring further.


#11 Carli Bjerke

Ra Ascension 8" x 8"
Copper, sterling silver wire, brass, rose quartz, crystals, beads

An illustrator and designer currently living in Coeur d'Alene, ID, Carli graduated from Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles with a BFA. She creates paintings, digital designs, and handmade jewelry as an expression of mood.


#12 Cheryl Metcalf

Mardi Gras 10" x 11"
Mixed media and paper maché

Much like a painter, I want to suspend a moment in time. For me, sculpture is my canvas. With years of anatomy nd sculpture study I havea good foundation allowing me the freedom to express attitude as well as emotion in my art.

My preferred method is speed sculpting, meaning the faster I work the better I can keep the energy and accuracy in my piece. Voila! The first stage of magic is complete.

For me the experience is enhanced when I visualize what the outcome will be. However, there are times when the piece takes it’s own direction making it an exciting new adventure.


#13 Diane Reaugh

Winter Magic 12" x 5"
birch bark, paper mâché, winter floral decor

My love of trees began in my childhood. Every night I said goodnight to all the people in my life and to the trees. I was born and raised in Canada, nature was at the center of my life and has a great impact on me as an artist. My main medium is acrylic paint and my subject is birch trees. I recently started to explore with using birch bark in different art/craft projects. My mask represents my love of birch trees and nature. 


#14 Derek Kahler

Ocean Eyes 11" x 11"
fused glass

Derek is a mixed media sculptor who explores each material’s relationship with either the natural or man-made environments.  He strives to find the beauty in each material he uses all while testing the boundaries of its origins.  His preferred media are metal, glass, and wood.