Outdoor Painting

An art residency with Sorenson Magnet School

October 2016

Landscape as a subject invites us to reflect upon the world in a broader sense, as it is full of contrasts such as growth and decay, dormancy and change, light and dark. Through incorporating experience of sight, sounds, touch and scent from our environment we can create authentic and meaningful landscapes. Additionally, we develop appreciation of, and comfort in nature.

With these thoughts in mind Landscape Painter Chelsea Cordova visited Sorensen as an artist in residence and spent two weeks introducing the concept of painting en plein air. All grades were introduced to the purpose of outdoor painting through drawing exercises that focused on line, dark and light, and color and then each created a painting outside using their school environment as their subject.  

Students returned to the studio at the end of their time to create a studio painting using what they learned outside. The younger ones painted their version of the school itself while older grades used a drawing or their outside paintings to create a new refined piece. Many of the kids exclaimed that they loved the experience, and some thought they created their best paintings ever. 

Chelsea Cordova is an Arts and Cultural Alliance member and painter living in Coeur d’Alene since 1992 with her husband and two daughters. She keeps a semi-public studio, Redbrick Art Studio, where she paints primarily landscape in oil and acrylic. She teaches fine and creative process art classes for kids and adults.

Following are the featured selections from this project, from grades Kindergarten through 6th. 



First Grade

second grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

View all the kids paintings in these videos below.